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Episode 19: The Great Goof

In this jam packed episode of GLHP, the gang uncovers a conspiracy involving a beloved childhood character, argues about whether wingwomen are a good idea, and then uses vowels inappropriately. Chris tries to bait girls on bumble in a honeypot operation, and shares his idea about a sexual wheel of fortune. 

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Episode 18: Sex Puzzles

This week, the gang gets together to celebrate the new year. Chris poorly attempts to do some accents, and then screws everything up with a girl he likes. Alan tries to woo a lawyer. 

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Episode 17: Unicorns of the Sea

What happens when Bryan misses an episode? The gang accidentally does an entire segment on narwhals, and then proclaims some new years dating resolutions. Chris explains his life priority 'system', and also goes on a date.

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