Good Luck, Have Podcast!

This week, Chris tries to bounce back from failure, Barce is haunted by past decisions, and John can't keep track of his shit. 

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This week, Bryan returns to the playing field. Chris lets everybody down. 

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The gang decides on a team name, then they ask James some questions. 

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This week, the gang talks about the fate of Leather Jacket Barce. John considers living in a van. Alan has to answer some really difficult questions. 

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This week, Chris sells out. Matt is still missing. The gang launches a new venture that will revolutionize online dating. John falls in love with a midwife. 

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This week, the gang continues to search for Matt, Alan ponders world domination, and Chris buys too much beer. 

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This episode seriously needs an extra explicit tag, because it gets raunchy. Bryan offers advice to young teens on some of their more complicated sexual encounters, and is also worried about his bad boy status adversely affecting his latest romantic developments. Chris falls in love again. 

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The gang gets together to discuss their latest dating progress. James and Chris encounter both encounter something new. 

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Chris experiences failure, while Barce basks in unparalleled success. This week, the gang talks about The Flash, Bill Cosby, Stuck in the Mud pornography, Barce's Chicago adventure, Chris's dance moves, and more in this exciting episode of Good Luck, Have Podcast! 

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The gang gets together to do a giant crazy sexy live special celebrating their one year anniversary! Chris makes everyone play his D&D knockoff game, Laid Quest. Please enjoy very special guests Bill and Kasper from Days of Infinite Podcasts, and Sam from Sam's Very Own Podcast. 

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The gang's all here this week! James shares his expert advice on sending messages on OkCupid. Chris accidentally blows it and has to start over. 

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In this week, the gang talks about bachelor parties, wookies, and the block chain. James goes on a date. Fun places mentioned include Flying Saucer - Nashville, and Bertuccis - Somewhere in Jersey. 

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This week, Chris talks a lot about himself. Alan answers some questions. Fun places mentioned include Lord Hobo - Boston (Cambridge) / Tiny Lounge - Chicago / Ampersand - Chicago / McDonalds - Uh... Bostonish. 

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This week, Bryan is finally back to update us on his latest dating adventures. Chris gets called up for a one night stand. 

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The gang struggles without Bryan for another week, but decides to talk about some of the highlights of dating in their various cities. 

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The gang welcomes its newest permanent member, James! We talk about Taco Bell, second dates, Alan's recent success, and British basketball. Is it too late to drop a March Sillyness joke? 

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This week, the gang is joined by Sally! We help acclimate her back to the modern dating scene with our expert analysis. 

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This week, the gang is joined by Laura! Chris goes on a bad date, but unlocks a new move. Topics discussed include poorly timed flatulence, insecurities, and potential entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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Episode 20: Friends with Batteries

This week the gang is joined by Amanda (Our new mascot). John almost misses the podcast. Chris introduces a new segment, and also gets a nick name. Bryan gets some overdue attention, and Alan plays guitar. Topics include combining 151 with Tabasco, 9/11, sea food, hibachi, and as the title suggests, batteries. 

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Episode 19: The Great Goof

In this jam packed episode of GLHP, the gang uncovers a conspiracy involving a beloved childhood character, argues about whether wingwomen are a good idea, and then uses vowels inappropriately. Chris tries to bait girls on bumble in a honeypot operation, and shares his idea about a sexual wheel of fortune. 

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Episode 18: Sex Puzzles

This week, the gang gets together to celebrate the new year. Chris poorly attempts to do some accents, and then screws everything up with a girl he likes. Alan tries to woo a lawyer. 

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Episode 17: Unicorns of the Sea

What happens when Bryan misses an episode? The gang accidentally does an entire segment on narwhals, and then proclaims some new years dating resolutions. Chris explains his life priority 'system', and also goes on a date.

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