Good Luck, Have Podcast! (comedy)
Episode 11: Bullseye

Chris goes on a date, but is betrayed by a pack of Altoids. John seeks the advice of the rest of the group on a new romantic interest. 

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Episode 10: General Meow's Chicken

After a string of potential opportunities goes to complete poop, the gang re-evaluates what they could have done better. 

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Episode 9: Downward Doggy Style

Bryan makes the most of real life opportunities, Chris tries to show off his newfound yoga skill set. Wait til the end for a very special bonus clip to mark a very special occasion. 

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Episode 8: #JustDudeStuff

Bryan struggles to plan for a friend's wedding. Chris's love life falls apart. Alan is missing. John talks about a girl he likes. #JustDudeStuff. 

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The gang goes to a mixer.

Outline for today's show:

  1. Pump up music
  2. Intros
  3. Just Spliffin’
  4. Fix outline vandalism
  5. Say what the fucking show is about
  6. Feelings
  7. Message in a Bottle
  8. Star Wars: Anus Hope
  9. Date + Girl Stuff
  10. Mixer Spectacular
  11. Outros
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The gang struggles with the reality of Barce's new identity. 

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The gang works together to write love... "messages" to varying levels of success.  

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Episode 4: Water Sports

The gang learns the consequences of word choice. 

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Episode 3: Goof Juice

The gang helps John discover something new about himself, and in the process, learn something about themselves too.  They also talk about dolphins. 

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After 2 years spent as hermits in the mountains, the gang is back and trained to be the best boyfriends possible. The adventure starts again. 

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