Good Luck, Have Podcast!

In the final episode of season 3, the gang tries to make some new pen pals.

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The long awaited, stunning conclusion to A Dating Carol is finally here! What happens when Chris is forced into the future to face himself on a date, and witness first hand what a terrible person he'll become? Find out now!

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In their own special rendition of a 'A Christmas Carol', Bryan and Alan take Chris back through the history of 'Good Luck, Have Podcast!' and force him to reflect on his actions. 

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The gang totally doesn't repurpose/re-name a segment from Season 2. 

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Two lovely contestants fight for Bryan's love in our newest gameshow segment: What is Love?

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The high court determines if John is elligible to message his new girl.

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Alan and Chris improvify John's incredibly lame profile.

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It all comes full circle. Join Bryan, Chris, and John as they help Alan with a new girl this week. Alan does his best to answer some questions about her.

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This week, Bryan shares the results of the first date of the season, and Chris finally steps up to the plate... of love. Alan and John help.

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This week, Alan, John, and Chris take turns preparing Bryan for his potential date with Leigh. Enjoy!

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